Finding the right place to care for yourself or a loved one can be very difficult.  There are questions of location, price, quality of service, dietary restrictions, and many other factors.  It is also important to strike the correct balance between independence and care.  There are many different levels of care provided.  Options range from apartment complexes designed for seniors where residents live independently and attend planned events to skilled nursing homes.  There are many options in between.

The definition of independent living is currently in the news in light of an incident in California.  A resident of an independent living care center fell down and stopped breathing.  The nurse on duty called 911 and informed the emergency operator that she was not permitted to provide CPR.   While this is a common practice at several independent living communities, the incident produced outrage.  The staff of the community were not permitted to perform CPR, and the resident died before emergency personnel could arrive.

This story highlights the care that must be taken in selecting a community.  Along with the tour, it is good practice to review key policies to ensure that an appropriate level of care will be provided.