VA Improved Pension is a program from the Veterans Administration that provides monthly tax free cash to veterans and their widows to cover the cost of long term care. These funds can be used to pay for a variety of care from independent livening, assisted living, and home health. VA pension provides the flexibility for veterans and widows to obtain the care they want.

Nursing home Medicaid is a program from the federal government that is administered by the state of Georgia. This program covers the cost of nursing home care in Georgia for those who can show a documented medical need for such care. Medicaid pays the entire cost of a nursing home with a deductible paid by the patient.

Both nursing home Medicaid and VA Pension with aid and attendance have strict standards for income and assets. The financial qualifications for each program are different, and have differing rules on how assets can be transferred. An experienced elder law attorney can provide guidance on the balancing of the requirements of both programs. Typically, VA improved pension combined with Social Security is used to cover care in the early stages, and a Medicaid nursing home is only used in the event that the need for care becomes significant. With proper planning, all options for care can be left open.