VA Pension, also referred to as Veterans Administration Improved Pension with Aid and Attendance, is a program administered by the VA to cover the cost of long term care for veterans and their surviving spouse. The VA Pension pays cash that can be used to pay for many different types of long term car including assisted living, independent living, and at home health care. Like many government programs, VA pension has medical and financial requirements.
It is not unusual for an application for VA Pension to be denied. The VA has incredibly complex requirements and uses forms that are often difficult or impossible to understand. The case workers at the VA are usually well intentioned, but are overworked and typically not adequately trained to properly review applications for pension. Adding to the frequency of denials, the VA has begun to check the income tax returns of applicants against the information provided on the application. An experienced elder law attorney can review the denial letter and provide the VA with the information required to approve the application. An experienced elder law attorney can also review the financial information that the VA pulled from the applicant’s tax return to provide any explanation needed to approve the application. Finally, an experienced elder law attorney, who is accredited with the VA, can resolve the denial through informal channels, which takes months, rather than the formal claim process that can take years.