H.V. Booth passed away this week in Elberton, GA at the age of 96. He is the last known living son of a Georgia confederate soldier. His father Isham Johnson Booth was a guard for the confederates during the Civil War. Isham booth was 73 on the birth of H.V.

This is one example of how spouses and children of service members can live long past the service member. This is an important reminder when inquiring for VA benefits. We are currently seeing the last surviving veterans of World War II quickly leave our company. While those included in Tom Brokaw’s aptly named Greatest Generation will no longer be with us, their legacies remain.

One of the legacies that is left behind by veterans is access to VA Pension for their surviving spouses. VA Pension, also know as Veterans Administration Improved Pension with Aid and Attendance, is a program administered by the VA that provides monthly tax free cash payments to veterans and their widows to cover the cost of long term care. the type of long term care that can be covered is varied, and includes assisted living, independent living, nursing homes, and at home care.

The surviving spouse of a veteran is eligible to receive VA improved pension on the basis of the veterans record if they were married to the veteran at the time of the veteran’s death, were married to the veteran for more than one year or had a child with the veteran, and did not remarry after the death of the veteran.

As with Mr. Booth, the family of a veteran can live for a considerable amount of time. For this reason, it is necessary to spread the word on the availability of VA pension benefits./ We are currently seeing the younger wives of veterans of World War II now qualifying for pension.

As qualifying for pension involves a complex rules involving health qualification and asset and income texts, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of a qualified Atlanta elder law attorney who can analyze the specific situation of the applicant. Such an attorney can also balance nursing home Medicaid qualification.