As a married couple ages, their routine often changes.  One spouse usually needs more care than the other, and the other spouse begins to provide that care.   This situation works well for awhile, however the spouse providing the care eventually becomes drained.  Even though they love their spouse and would do anything for them, they become physically exhausted and often miss social events because they are providing care.   This is when respite care becomes  critical, as it provides the caretaker spouse a much needed break. VA Pension can make receiving this care very affordable.
The VA Pension is a program from the federal government that provides  funds to veterans and their surviving spouses to cover the cost of long term care.  VA Pension provides a monthly tax free cash benefit that can be used to obtain long term care.  For 2015 and 2016, a married couple in which one of the spouses is a veteran, can  receive  $2,120 a month for long term care.
VA Pension is available to veterans who served 90 days on active duty, one  day during a period of war time, and received a discharge that was other than dishonorable.  The VA Pension has income and asset tests  that must be satisfied for the veteran or surviving spouse to receive VA pension.  An experienced elder law attorney can provide guidance on qualifying for VA pension and balancing such qualification with other programs, such as Medicaid.
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