When a couple reaches their late 70’s the goals of estate planning change. The couple is shifting from wealth accumulation to wealth preservation. This shift will change the type of estate planning that is necessary. The shift to asset protection brings around the need to secure assets. This protection prevents fraud and allows the couple to protect their money for rising long term care cost. There are many federal programs that provide benefits for long term care, with the two largest programs being Medicaid and VA. The sooner a couple plans for the need for long term care, the more money can be protected and the quicker the couple can access programs. The preplanning for long term care involves placing assets into an irrevocable trust that is managed for the benefit of the couple. The couple gives up control over the assets, but still enjoys the benefits of the assets. As shifting assets to qualify for long term care is a complex process, it is advisable to seek the services of an experienced elder law attorney.