A north Georgia woman died recently after she froze to death attempting to assist her husband. Her husband uses an electric wheelchair and had ventured down the couple’s driveway in the early evening. His wheelchair flipped over causing him to be tossed out on the ground. His wife went to assist him using her walker and dressed only in a robe. She fell in the driveway. The couple’s cries for help went unanswered and the wife froze to death as temperatures dropped to 27 degrees overnight. They were not found until the following morning.
This horrific tragedy highlights the need to examine long term care options. Many couples resist any assistance with long term care, as they feel that they are healthy and do not want to lose their independence. The lack of appropriate assistance can lead to a fall, which further restricts the senior’s mobility or worse results in death. There are a vast range of options for long term care planning, including in home care and technology that signals friends and family members if the senior is not moving around in their house. These care options allows seniors to safely maintain their independence.