Medicare is the health insurance provided to those who have reached age 65 or have been determined to be disable. This program is routinely confused with Medicaid, as they have similar sounding names and cover many of the same services. Medicare is what is known as an insurance program, as coverage is only available to those who have paid in a sufficient number of quarters during their working years. Medicaid is an entitlement program available to any American that shows a specific need for care and meets the asset and requirements.
Medicare pays for only a limited amount of long term care, and only in very specific situations. Medicare only covers up to 100 days in a skilled nursing facility for those who have immediately left a hospital stay. The first 20 days are fully covered and the remaining 80 days are subject to a significant copayment. Benefits are available following a two night hospital stay. Additionally, to receive coverage, the person in a nursing home must be receiving rehab care that is medically necessary their function. There is often a dispute on whether the care is medically needed.
During this period, families should examine programs such as nursing home Medicaid and VA pension to cover the cost of long term care over a more extended time. These programs have very technical requirements for qualification, and the services of an experienced