VA disability (also known as VA compensation) provides monthly cash to veterans who have a disability caused by their service.  It is common for veterans to  be denied application for VA compensation.  One of the frequent reasons veterans are denied VA compensation is failure to show a current disability.

The current disability requirement for VA disability requires that a veteran currently be showing symptoms at the time of application.  Many veterans can prove that they were subject to horrible occurrences during service, such as, traumatic events or exposure to chemicals.  However, simply showing injury during service is not sufficient to support a claim for VA disability.  There needs to be evidence of current symptoms.

When we review claims of veterans for VA Disability, we often find that they were denied because they did not show current symptoms.   We had a case in which the veteran had submitted sufficient evidence that he had been exposed to chemicals during service that caused diabetes, but he could not understand why he was still being denied on his claim for VA disability.  In reviewing his claim, there was no evidence presented that he had current symptoms of diabetes.  Once a recent report from his physician was submitted, the VA agreed that he had symptoms of diabetes and approved his disability payments.

Often a denial for VA disability payments can be resolved.  Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a VA accredited attorney.