There are two benefits available to veterans who have become disabled due to their Use The Divi Builderservice: Social Security Disability and VA Disability.  VA Disability (also known as VA compensation) provides monthly cash payments to veterans who have become disabled due to an injury or disease incurred during their service.  Social Security Disability provides Social Security benefits early for individuals with sufficient work history and a disability that keeps them from working.

The two programs have different qualification requirements.  VA Disability, in most cases, looks to the affect a given disability will have on the employability of an average veteran and does not consider the employment chances of the particular veteran.  VA Disability is awarded based on a sliding scale that considers the impact the disability will have on employment.  A percentage from 0% to 100%is awarded for the disability and there is a corresponding amount of disability awarded.

Social Security Disability is awarded to individuals who cannot work and who have accumulated sufficient credits from their past work to entitle them to such benefit.  Social Security considers the effect the disease or injury is having on the individual person, not on society on average.  In this, evidence must be provided  showing that the applicant is unable to work.  The evidence is reviewed by a vocational expert who works with Social Security.  The award of Social Security benefits is all or nothing, either the individual is disabled, and they receive full Social Security benefits, or they are not disabled and do not receive any benefits.

A veteran can receive both VA Disability and Social Security benefits at the same time, but must apply for them separately.  If a veteran is receiving VA disability, such can be used as evidence to support a claim for Social Security benefits.

If you have been denied VA Disability, hire an experienced accredited VA attorney to appeal and obtain the benefits you deserve.