One of the requirements to prove win a claim for VA disability is to prove service connection.  Proof of service connection can be proved using military records and medical records.  For man y veterans, there are not sufficient medical records documenting the existence of the medical condition during service.  Particularly for Vietnam veterans, it was uncommon for service members to go to a sward when they were sick.  This culture of bearing with pain has left many service members without documentation.

One of the ways a link to service can be established to prove VA disability is through buddy statements.  The detailed testimony of those who served with the veteran can provide evidence to support a claim for VA disability.  This is common for veterans seeking VA disability for sleep apnea.  Buddy statements can be used to  prove that the symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring and trouble breathing during sleep, existed when the veteran was in service.  Once the service connection is established and evidence of current symptoms is presented, the veteran  can receive VA disability.

VA disability is a monthly cash payment paid to veterans who have a disability that is connected to their military service.  A large percentage of veterans who apply for VA disability are denied initially.  They can seek the assistance of an experienced VA accredited attorney in appealing such claims.