VA Disability is a program that pays monthly cash benefits to veterans who have  a disability that is linked to their service.  To establish service connection for VA disability, the veteran must show that their service was as likely a cause for their disability as any other cause.  Often, the VA will deny service  connection and the veteran will be forced to appeal.  These appeals can take years, but for  some veterans they can get to the front of the line.

A veteran can get to the front of the line for veteran appeals to the Board of Veterans appeals if they fall into one of three categories: they are currently homeless,  they are above the age of 75, or there is other good cause that the veteran will experience financial hardship if the appeal is not granted expeditiously.  The VA does not provide much guidance on what is required to prove financial hardship.  An argument can be made for a quicker appeal in many cases.  The VA does not automatically consider whether to grant and expedited appeal; the veteran must apply for the Board of Veteran Appeals to grant expedited approval.  Veterans are encouraged to hire an accredited veterans appeals attorney to assist with an appeal to preserve this and other issues.