The desire for independence is a trait of humans, especially those raised in the United States. We want to do what we want, when we want. This desire for independence leads us to build solid lives, but it can hinder ones willingness to receive the care they need as they grow older. I am seeing this first hand with one of my relatives. She was in an assisted living facility and went to the hospital for treatment of a heart problem. She spent four nights in the hospital and was discharged back to assisted living. We knew she was weak and asked her to call for help when she needed to make transfers. She decided that she could do the transfers herself, and fell at 1am. she sustained a compound fracture, and now is bedridden for the next several weeks.

Medicaid and VA pension are government programs that provide assistance with long term care. The assistance these government programs provide help seniors pay for the cost of long term care. They relieve the worry on seniors that they will run out of money if they receive long term care. There are income and asset requirements to receive benefits for long term care programs. The services of an experienced elder law attorney should be used to help a senior qualify for such benefits. Receiving such benefits will relieve some of the hesitation in obtaining assistance for long term care.

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