Nursing home Medicaid is a program funded by the Federal government and administered by the Georgia Department of
Community Health to cover nursing home care for those who have a medical need for a nursing home.  Along with showing a medical need for care, Medicaid applicants must meet asset and income levels.  Medicaid applicants often shift around assets to qualify according to complex rules.  Once an individual meets the requirements for Medicaid, they should submit an application for Medicaid, which in Georgi\a can be completed online.
If an individual is over the asset requirement for Medicaid, they must wait until the month after to apply for Medicaid.  For instanced if someone has too many assets on February 15th and reduces those assets to below the Medicaid limit by February 22nd, a Medicaid application can be made on March 1.  Under that scenario, the individual qualifies for Medicaid from March 1 onward.  The applicant can receive Medicaid for any of the three months prior to application date.  Therefore, if an application is made on June 10th and was Medicaid qualified for March, April, and May, the application will establish coverage for such months.
The planning for Medicaid is complex and the services of a qualified elder law attorney can assist in Medicaid qualification.