Nursing home Medicaid provides coverage for long term stays in a nursing home.  Along with showing a medical need for nursing home care, applicants must satisfy income and asset requirements to receive nursing home Medicaid.  Medicaid planning is a service offered by experienced elder law attorneys to assist in spending down assets to qualify for Medicaid.  Assets are conserved and the cost of the nursing home is covered by Medicaid with a modest copayment each month from the nursing home resident.  After eligibility for Medicaid is established, then a bed in a good nursing home needs to be found.

Nursing homes are a competitive business often own by large corporations that own several facilities across a geographic region.  These companies are looking to maximize profit, but often accept Medicaid as they know that the majority of patients in a nursing home use Medicaid to fund their care.  These facilities wish to maximize the mount of money per month they receive for each of their beds, and therefore prefer residents that pay privately over those who are receiving Medicaid, as the private pays rates for facilities are often significantly higher than the reimbursement they receive from Medicaid.  If the nursing home is nearing capacity, they may refuse to accept a new resident that is going to pay for the stay using Medicaid, as they wish to save the bed for a private pay resident.

The way to get into a nursing home of your choice is to initially pay for the services by the private pay rate and then apply for Medicaid coverage.  Although nursing homes are free to discriminate against Medicaid residents at time of admission, they cannot discharge a resident for switching from private pay to Medicaid.  To get into a choice nursing home, at the time of admission tell them that you are going to be private pay, and only after admission inform them of your intention to go on Medicaid.  Over 90% of nursing homes in the Atlanta metropolitan area accept Medicaid, to check if a certain nursing home accepts Medicaid visit www, (note: the acceptance of Medicaid is listed on the Medicare website).

If you or a loved one has an Immediate need for nursing home care and is over the asset limit for Medicaid, seek the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney to assist in spending down of assets to qualify for Medicaid.