Our Approach

We know many of our clients are unsure about what to expect when they arrive at the lawyer’s office. Our goal is to remove that uncertainty and let you know what you can expect from us once you Contact Us.

We have 6 Step Process that our clients love and serves as the baseline for creating their custom plan together. Read on – we want to share with you!


Step 1: Your Initial Call

Whether you start with a phone call or an email to Contact Us, we started with a knowledgeable, friendly case manager from our office taking your call or responding to your email to obtain general information about your case. This information will include your contact information and basic, case-related information.

If it appears that our firm can be of service to you, our case manager will schedule a free one hour consultation for you to speak with attorney William “Bill” Nabors, Jr. We also either email or mail you one of our initial questionnaires for a more detailed description of your goals and case-related information that we kindly ask you return to our office before your consultation.


Step 2: Free Consultation

During this free one hour consultation, you will meet with William “Bill” Nabors,Jr., and a case manager to discuss your planning goals.

We use the initial questionnaire you filled out to provide you with a comprehensive overview of planning techniques we can use to accomplish your goals.  At this time the attorney fee to achieve the desired result will be quoted



Step 3: Engagement

When you choose to work with our firm that is called “Engagement.” You sign an engagement agreement listing the legal work and fees quoted in your consultation. We ask half of the agreed upon fee during the engagement process. The second half of the fee will be due upon signing of the final documents.



Step 4: Legal Work and Information Gathering

Once you engage our firm, we get to work. Our knowledgeable case managers help you gather the information needed to complete your case and will assist you in obtaining any documents you need but do not have in your possession (such as military records and birth certificates).

We have designed our process to obtain the documents with minimal burden on you. Once it is received, Attorney Nabors reviews all your information and drafts the documents detailed in your engagement agreement.


Step 5: Plan Implementation

Next we scheduled a meeting in the office so Attorney Nabors can explain the legal documents to you, make any necessary changes and sign them. During this meeting, we will also review the mechanics of the plan to ensure that you are confident in executing it. This is also when your second (final) payment is made.



Step 6: After the Signing

After your signing we follow up with you to ensure that everything is working as planned. We will also be here should you have questions about the mechanics of the plan, or around tax time.


The above process is designed to assist you in protecting your assets, and when needed obtain public benefits. Depending on your case and engagement agreement, Step 6 may include getting the government forms ready to file for public benefits.

It is our goal for you to know as much as possible about our firm. Although it may seem like we have included a lot of information here, we have clients who go through all 6 Steps in as little as two weeks! Let us know when you set your appointment if you have any upcoming deadlines or timelines you want to meet.

We look forward to working with you on your case! Call us at (678) 510-1730 or complete our Contact Form to get started!

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