Practice Areas

Practice Areas

A practice area is the type or types of law the attorney you are working with focuses on. At Nabors Law Group, we choose to dedicate our focus to the legal needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities together with the combined needs of their families and caregivers. Our targeted approach allows us to maximize the positive impact we make when we are planning for you and your family. This concentration means we can stay abreast and ahead of the law changes both in the state of Georgia and around the nation in the areas of elder law and estate planning.

Our practice areas are:

Special Needs Trust and Planning. It is crucial for you to plan for disabled loved ones to ensure you not only protect them and provide for them, but that you do not limit their access to government public benefits programs.

Veterans Benefits. Disabled veterans of any age and their surviving spouses do not need a wartime injury to receive monthly pension benefits. Instead, they need a VA accredited, elder law attorney who is able to guide them to receiving the VA benefits they are entitled to.

Estate Planning. No matter how old you are, a current estate plan that both names a decision maker and provides the authority to manage your income and assets is essential for Georgia residents. The laws change and a current, state specific document means you are in the best position to protect yourself and your family against uncertainty.

Medicaid Planning. Aging is a complex process. It is further complicated when you need assistance with long-term care. Knowing your options and preparing a plan well in advance, means you will be able to know what to do in a crisis. When you’re already in the middle of a Georgia long term care crisis, a focused elder law firm is your best solution for managing it.

Probate. Probate is the court process for managing assets belonging to a deceased resident of Georgia. When your estate planning does not include a funded trust, your loved ones will most likely be facing a Georgia probate.