Looking Beyond Your Will

Estate PlanningAre you planning for your family, your property, your assets and income after your death? Are you thinking about the estate planning steps you need to be taking to protect your loved ones right now? You need to know that good Georgia estate planning involves much more than merely designating who will inherit your property.

To properly create an excellent estate plan, Georgia residents must answer the following questions:

  • In the event of my death, who will take care of my children?
  • If I am in a sudden car accident, who has the power to make my decisions?
  • Is my current life insurance sufficient to provide support for my children?
  • Are my children mature enough to handle a large cash distribution?
  • Who will be there to guide my children if I die?
  • How will the debts of my estate be settled in the event of my death?
  • My parents are young, how do I protect them if they are counting on me?
  • How do I protect my spouse against future long-term care uncertainty?

These are just a few of the relevant questions that should be addressed in an effective estate plan. We take the time to understand your goals before recommending the necessary documents to accomplish them. By coming to our firm and letting us work alongside you to reach your Georgia estate planning goals you will receive excellent estate planning knowledge. You also, however, will benefit from Attorney William “Bill” Nabors, Jr.’s, personal focus on the long-term care needs of Georgia residents and his expertise in the tax planning arena.

A complete Georgia estate plan will include multiple documents. Bill will review these with you in your appointment. Especially if you have estate planning documents not from outside the state of Georgia or if your documents are over three years old, we may suggest you update your Georgia estate plan or create new Georgia estate planning documents to include:

  • a last will and testament
  • multiple trusts such as a revocable living trust
  • an advanced health care directive
  • a durable power of attorneys
  • a special purpose corporation

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