During the Death of a Loved One

We know the death of a loved one can be very emotional time. Along with grieving for your loss, you are faced with the pressure around making choices for burial, completing any paperwork associated with the final illness and distributing the deceased’s Estate.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as simply reading a will around the dinner table anymore. If your loved one died without a trust in place (and sometimes even then), you will need a Georgia probate to access to the deceased’s Estate. Probate is the legal process which distributes a deceased individual’s Estate by the deceased wishes provided by a Will, or by Georgia statute if the was no will.

At Nabors Law Group we strive to take the process easier by helping you manage the entire probate process from filing the Petition(s) with the court to managing the assets and debts of the deceased’s Estate to the seamless distribution of the Estate assets.Attorney William “Bill” Nabors, Jr., knows the ins and outs of the Georgia probate process and procedure.

During your free consultation you will benefit from his personal focus and dedication in this area of the law together with his unique expertise in the tax planning arena. Call us at (678) 510-1730 right now to schedule your free one hour consultation to talk to Attorney Nabors about you and your family’s probate needs or fill out our Contact Form.