Monthly cash benefit for Veterans and surviving spouses for care in assisted living, at home care, or nursing home.

Monthly benefit available for veterans who served during war time (no deployment needed).  DOES NOT require a service connected disability.

Monthly Annually Five Years
Surviving Spouse  $     1,176.00  $          14,112.00  $          70,560.00
Single Veteran  $     1,830.00  $          21,960.00  $       109,800.00
Married Veteran  $     2,169.00  $          26,058.00  $       130,290.00
Two Veterans  $     2,902.00  $          34,824.00  $       174,120.00

Veterans Administration BenefitsThere are hard and soft requirements to receive the Veteran Pension Benefits (VA Improved Pension with aid and attendance). The hard requirements are:

  • The Veteran must have served on active duty for at least 90 days,
  • One of the 90 days must be during a period of war time, and
  • The Veteran must also have received a better than dishonorable discharge.

For a widow(er) to receive benefits, he or she must meet the Veteran’s qualifications as well as having been married to Veteran at the time of the Veteran’s death and have not remarried.

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The soft requirements considered are:

  • The income of the person applying
  • The assets of the person applying

Unfortunately, these requirements are often misunderstood, even by the VA. This misunderstanding leads to Veterans and widows being told erroneously that they do not qualify for the benefits.

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